Looking for ordinary & unique people for a fun project!


Most photographers seem to specialize in one area of photography.  There are some great wedding photographers, fantastic glamour photographers and incredible sports photographers out there.  I happen to like shooting ALL types of genres.  Call me weird.  I love creativity, and there are a couple photographers whose work I admire. Dean Bradshaw is someone who pushes the envelope, and comes up with stuff that blows me away.  Here's one of his conceptual images that is just too cool for school.

I'm looking for some older subjects to shoot some fun ideas, so if you have an older relative or friend who would want to dress up in a zany outfit and shoot, hit me up!  Here are a few more of Dean Bradshaw's stylized photos.

I'm also fascinated by image compositing, and am working with a VERY talented Photoshop guru who has his books in stores like Barnes & Noble, to create some funky scenes like another photographer in Europe I dig, John Wilhelm.  Here is some of his amazing work.

I'm looking for kids with unique looks...lots of freckles, big hair, great smiles.  In other words, your kid doesn't have to look like an Abercrombie model.  These are just fun projects for my own enjoyment, so you'll pay nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Contact me soon if you wanna be selected for one of my projects!


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