Who wants to be a superhero?


Another artist's work I highly admire is Jeff Chapman.  Jeff isn't a photographer, per se, but an image compositing master who creates some kick ass pieces of art from stock photography.  I've toyed around with this type of imagery in the past, collaborating with super-artists Jeff Jacoby and Corey Barker.  I want to do a series of superhero "posters" using my photos, so I'm seeking some subjects to pose for me.  While Jeff Chapman specializes in using gorgeous models in his work, I am looking to work with lots of different types of humans...lol.

I'm a huge fan of comics and fantasy art (look up Frank Frazetta if you aren't familiar with his work), and Marvel superhero films are my favorites.  We will be creating movie poster-like images, so hit me up if this type of work inspires you too!

Below is a sampling of Jeff Chapman's genius work.

Here are a few photos we've worked on in the past for St. Pete Powersports to appear in a motorcycle magazine.

Again, you don't have to have a bomb body like Janet or Ashleigh, and you don't have to be a chica.  Anyone can be a superhero...kids, moms, grandparents, dudes or other ;-)

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